The Wave Maker is a hero journey about a medical maverick, Dr. Irving Dardik, who has a radical new theory. His lifetime focus, the SuperWave Principle, is found alternative to mainstream science and medicine. In his SuperWave Principle, Dardik states the world is made up of “waves waving within waves.”

Dardik’s SuperWave Principle is currently being applied to Health and to Cold Fusion in alternative ways.

By applying the SuperWave Principle to health Dardik and his team have created exercises that empower people with terminal diseases to take control of their own health. There are countless people who feel the exercises have delayed the progression of their diseases, from Parkinson’s to Cancer.

On the other side of the spectrum SuperWaves are being used in Cold Fusion experiments. Once debunked, Cold Fusion scientists still attempt to create a renewable source of energy. SuperWaves have contributed to the generation of some of the best results in Cold Fusion in the world. If Cold Fusion could be 100% reproducible, our world would have a new form of infinite, clean energy.

We’ll follow Dardik as he battles to convince people that the SuperWave Principle is the Theory of Everything. Can we heal our diseased and our planet with one simple concept—waves?

Other subjects include

Dr. Martin Fleischmann (Co-Creator of Cold Fusion), Milt Campbell (US Olympic Decathlete Gold and Silver Medalist), Dr. Rob Duncan (Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of Missouri), Dr. Mike McKubre (Electrochemist at SRI), Lynne McTaggart (Creator of the Intention Experiment), and Dr. Susie Anthony (Creator of The Hero Series).